Halftime 2010

RunningIt's halftime! 

July 1st. The year is halfway over. In a football or basketball game, halftime is an opportunity to evaluate the gameplan and make adjustments as needed. I entered 2010 with some goals in mind. So far, one of them is in the bag (yay!) and one is out of my hands at the moment (sigh!). That leaves running and losing those accursed ten pounds. Let's talk about running.

Progress is slow, but it's measurable.

I love that! Definable, measurable progress. This morning, I ran a lap around our neighborhood park. Then I walked a half lap. Then I ran another lap! Last year, the best I EVER did was to run 1 lap. And I only did that one time. My goal was to run two miles. This week, I've run two miles a couple of days in a row. Still with walking in between, but there is progress.

Progress is painful.

I hurt every day after I run. Granted that may be because I'm 40-something. I prefer to think it's because I'm pushing a little harder, trying a little more each day.

Progress means re-evaluation.

Can I still make the two miles? I think so. October was my goal. Depending on how things go, I may consider stretching that to 3 miles or 5K.

It no different in my walk with God. I need an honest look at my relationship with Him. Then once I see where I am, I need to listen to His suggestions of where I should be. Then I need the discipline to work steadily at achieving that. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit will take care of the hard stuff, but I have to be available for Him to work on. He won't drag me across the finish line of Christlikeness.

What about you? What were your goals? How are you doing on them?

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Study tip: Set a goal

How does goal-setting help your study time?CB047269

It gives you focus. While you may get some benefit wandering through the Scriptural landscape, your study time will be more productive if it’s directed. This year, I’m reading the New Testament, just a chapter a day, but I think I should make it through three times.

It gives you purpose. I’m a big fan of those serendipitous ‘lightbulb’/hidden treasure moments, but you’ll be a more active, engaged reader if you’re looking for something. And believe me, it won’t interfere with discovery at all. I want to see Jesus more clearly and soak in what I have because of Him.

It will keep you motivated. Nobody wants to spend time doing something ‘just because’. But if I have a clear goal in mind, the effort comes much easier. I want a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and spending time with Him in His word is one way I’m working to achieve that.

What goals have you set for your study time? Increasing it? A particular topic or study? A reading plan?


Happy New Year! I wish you a healthy, fulfilling 2010.j0439558

I am very much a creature of scheduled habit. I hate surprises and I prefer things to go off the way I expect in the time frame I have reserved for them. (Now, I'm not so stiff that I can't adapt to changes. I just prefer things that way. You understand.)

The last few months, it's been a challenge getting my posts up each day. So much so, that I missed quite a few. I had added a morning run during the summer and the return to homeschooling threw off that schedule of mine. I was running during my study time, so then I was studying during my blogging time. The blog didn't get done.

This morning, I read Psalm 119:112  I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes forever, to the very end. (NKJV) In the CEV, it reads I have made up my mind to obey your laws forever, no matter what. See that resolve, that commitment! I always find time to do those things I am totally committed to.

The question is, what will those things be?

That's my project for today- determining where I should spend my time and energy. God has a plan for this upcoming year so my first test is making sure my goals are inline with His.

  • I have to watch out for my health and I have to take care of the ones He's entrusted to me.
  • I want my marriage to thrive.
  • I have responsibilities managing the household. I've taken on obligations, like doing science with the grade schoolers and various church offices each with duties associated with it.
  • Then there's writing. It is truly the most fun, most challenging, most gratifying thing I have ever worked at.

I will be prayerfully considering each of those areas. What am I doing right? Where do I need to make changes? What needs to go completely? Is there something I should add? Jon is working on something similar right now. He's finding he'd really like to have a business, and he's got a few ideas. He's also really like to be teaching on marriage and family. Maybe that's the direction God has for us and my goals will start coming in line with that. I'll let you know. What about you? Where do you spend most of your time and energy? What goals and dreams do you have?

5 Year Goals

Earlier in the week, the writers’ Yahoo group to which I belong posed a question about 5 year goals, and the steps I’m taking to realize that goal. I said I wanted to be preparing for the publication of my third book. (Contingency and Indemnity on the shelves… Precedent in process.) I lined out a few steps- whip Contingency into shape, pitch it and so forth. Then one of the group owners cautioned us about listing steps we have no control over. There’s wisdom in that. I can only do what I can do, but the responses of others are out of my hand. Timing is out of my hand. I can only write these stories, the best way I know how (constantly raising the bar on that) and demonstrate that God’s Word holds the answers we so desperately need.
Happy Memorial Day! May God bless and protect all who serve to safeguard our freedoms.
Thanks be to God for the indescribable gift of His Son. Through His blood, we are free indeed!